Dorset ready for return of IRONMAN

The internationally renowned IRONMAN triathlon is coming to Dorset on Sunday 11 September. Based in Weymouth it also includes a 112-mile cycle ride through west Dorset.

Ironman Weymouth logoTo ensure the safety of the 2,700 competitors and road users, Dorset County Council will put a number of road closures and diversions in place between 7am and 6pm on race day.

Preston Beach Road in Weymouth will be closed in both directions for the duration of the race, while roads on and around the bike course will be affected at various times. Full details of road closures and advice for road users can be found at

For the cycling element of the race, the athletes will leave Lodmoor Country Park heading towards Crossways. They will then pass through Affpuddle and Puddletown on their way to Piddlehinton.

The route then continues towards Middlemarsh on the top Sherborne Road before turning south down the A352 to Minterne Magna, Cerne Abbas and Charlton Down. The cyclists then skirt along the north of Dorchester to the Piddle Valley Road before entering Dorchester on the eastern side on their way towards Broadmayne.  They turn south towards Whitcombe Stables and continue down the Coombe Valley Road on their way back to Lodmoor. The full-length triathletes will then do a further lap.

Cllr Peter Finney, the county council’s Cabinet member for environment, infrastructure and highways, said:

“This is a great boost for Dorset to attract such a prestigious sporting event. By hosting IRONMAN, we can help highlight the benefits of visiting the area and bring a welcome boost to Dorset’s economy, with competitors and their supporters staying in the county not only during race week, but throughout the year as they familiarise themselves with the course.”

Weymouth household recycling centre (HRC) will be closed on 11 September due to the closure of Preston Beach Road. The nearest available HRCs are Portland and Dorchester.

IRONMAN previously ran a successful annual event in Sherborne beteen 2003 and 2008 and returns to Dorset as IRONMAN Weymouth, which follows the Challenge Triathlon series that previously ran a similar event from Weymouth at this time of the year.

7 thoughts on “Dorset ready for return of IRONMAN

  1. The residents of Moreton are thoroughly looking forward to bring cut off from Dorchester for the day [/sarcasm]

  2. What is the provision regarding safe access for residents living on the cycle course? We live on the upper part of Coombe Valey Road and have no pavements. It seems that we are effectively confined to home . for the day. The triathlon organisers have suggested that we could “walk cautiously” down the course – about a quarter of a mile to the junction with Rhosewood Avenue. This doesn’t seem like a great idea with convoys of cyclists racing downhill at speed on this narrow bendy road.

  3. Have just spent 2 hours in a hot car with an ill young baby trying to get to Dorchester County Hospital. All roads from the Wool direction shut, go onto the A 35 and there are tailbacks to the Tolpuddle turnoff, no decent signage, many of the marshalls have no idea if we could get through, all local roads blocked by traffic. This is a ridiculous situation to be for a bunch of cyclists.

  4. I cannot understand the sheer lack of concern for residents around Dorchester. More specifically Charlton down. Trying to get to work this morning was carnage. Both the only routes to Dorchester were closed. And even the long diversion I knew about that would have added 8 miles to my 2.5 mile journey was blocked off.
    Extremely unimpressed. I work Sundays and I was spoken to very poorly by both ‘stewards’ who tried to get me to go the other way. Even though they knew they were both closed.
    Poorly thought out. And selfish to think we can host an event like this at the expensive of locals trying to get around or even just remotely leaving their village. Terrible.

    1. My grandmother lives in the village. Lets hope she doesn’t get sick and need an ambulance or anything today.

  5. I just want to say this event caused total traffic chaos for so many people today. I hope someone enjoyed it while we were driving around all dorset trying to get around it get home

  6. I set off for Dorchester on Sunday 11th Sept for an appointment and found entry to the top road from Buckland Newton was blocked but no prior signs to save drivers from going fruitless miles so had to turn back….access at Piddletrenthide also blocked, also no prior warning.. deviations via Cerne and Sydling made a very circuitous journey and appointment missed………
    By all means have an event but the lack of signage and on road information was infuriating and seemed incompetent, very poorly planned and uselessly (un)signed.
    I have found info on-line after the event, I had no reason to check before hand, but why no signs on roads warning of closed access and advising diversions?
    Was anyone responsible for providing warning signs and diversions, it seemed not.

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