Expired: Be bright, be seen this autumn

Cyclists and walkers are being urged to ‘be bright and be seen’ by Dorset County Council ahead of the clocks going back next  weekend  (Sunday 30 October).

Making sure that you and your bike are easily seen by drivers is especially important at this time of year, when evenings are drawing-in.

Drivers are reminded to look out for cyclists – and give them plenty of space when over taking them, as much room as you would give a car, and using their indicators when turning.

The numbers of people choosing to cycle for fun, fitness or to get to work has increased by more than a quarter in twenty years and an incredible 3.2 billion miles are cycled on our roads every year.

It can be hard to sustain the motivation to cycle through the winter when it’s cold and wet, but cycling is one of the outdoor sports that you can do year-round.

Cllr Peter Finney, Cabinet member for environment, said:

“Cycling is a great way to stay fit and healthy, as well as being environmentally friendly. But with darker nights on the way, cyclists and walkers should do all they can to be safe on Dorset’s roads.

“We’re fortunate that the winter is mostly mild and is well suited to year-round cycling in Dorset. With modern clothing and equipment such as high powered lights, you can ride happily all through the winter and stay safe on the move.”

A few tips that will help you stay safe and cycling through the winter:

Your Bicycle

  • Make sure you have two lights on your bike, a red one on the back and a white one on the front.
  • Reflectors are important so make sure they are fitted to the back of your bike, your pedals and spokes for extra visibility, especially when cycling in the dark


  • Wear something fluorescent to be seen during the day and reflective clothing to be seen at night.
  • You could wear a strip that goes around your middle and over your shoulder that is both reflective and fluorescent you can buy these at cycling shops.
  • Have reflectors stuck to your cycle helmet.
  • Stick reflective material on rucksacks or panniers.

If you’d like to cycle but feel a bit rusty, why not book a refresher cycle training session?

Many people would like to cycle to work or for pleasure but are put off by the traffic or because they feel out of practice.

Dorset County Council has teamed up with local cycling trainers who can provide cycle training to help you feel more confident and refresh your skills.

You can buy up to three vouchers for £10 each but you are under no commitment to continue if you want to stop after one or two lessons.

This means you could have up to six hours bespoke cycle training at a time and location convenient to you for just £30 giving learners a 75% discount on usual prices.



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