Swanage sea wall ‘not compromised’ by Storm Angus

People are being asked to stay away from a section of sea wall in Swanage damaged by Storm Angus.

The high winds and large waves on Saturday night led to over-topping of part of the sea wall near the Square.

This caused flooding of some businesses and damage to part of the sea wall.

Purbeck District Council staff inspected the sea wall on Sunday morning and the Environment Agency has made a site visit on Monday. Both agreed the integrity of the sea wall has not been compromised by the storm but that the wall will require repair in due course.

The damaged section has been cordoned off and the public are advised to keep away from it for their own safety.

Information from the Met Office and Environment Agency suggests that, while high winds are expected in the early hours of Tuesday, the impact is likely to be less severe due to a different wind direction.

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If your home or business is flooded, you can report it using the SWIM website.


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