Christchurch to hold Full Council meeting to discuss Referendum

Christchurch Borough Council is to hold an extraordinary Full Council meeting on 21 March meeting to discuss the possibility of holding a referendum around local government reorganisation in Dorset.

The requisition, signed by Cllrs Jones, Geary, Bungey, Hilliard and Mrs Jones, asks the council to consider a Referendum being held to determine the wishes of Christchurch residents regarding and the possible creation of two unitary authorities to replace the existing nine authorities.

In particular, members wish to get the thoughts on whether or not residents would support joining a new unitary authority with Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch. This is the option (2b) that has been included within the Future Dorset submission that is currently with the Secretary of State, the Rt. Hon. Sajid Javid MP.

Cllr David Flagg, Acting Leader of the Council, Christchurch Borough Council, said: “Before making any representations to the Secretary of State about the possible reorganisation of local government in Dorset it is vital that councillors take into account the wishes of our residents. It is important people have their say.

“The consultation carried out last year presented us with a variety of results and by holding a referendum we will understand what truly matters to our residents. Once we have the results we will be able to decide the best way forward with all of the evidence before us.”

The likely date for the referendum has yet to be decided as it is not possible for it to be held on the same day as the Dorset County Council elections.

One thought on “Christchurch to hold Full Council meeting to discuss Referendum

  1. If Members proceed with a referendum it will be against the advice of the Chief Financial Officer who has determined that the required spend will not be in the public interest. He has also advised that the outcome (if indeed it goes against the proposed Dorset LGR, which is clearly what the majority of Members want) will also be unlikely to influence the decision of the SoS and will make the Council potentially subject to challenge by any disgruntled Council Tax payer, with the subsequent involvement (and additional cost) of District Audit. Enough said.

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