A35 Upton bypass update: 11 April 2017

Overnight on Monday 10 April, the A35 Upton bypass was realigned alongside the new concrete barriers.

A350 looking eastTemporary white lines and road studs move traffic away from the bridge piers in the verge, which are still only protected by the old, steel barrier. This arrangement will stay in place until January 2018, when we return to build the remaining concrete barriers.

The second phase of the work will also include resurfacing the A35 completely between the two A350 slip roads. Permanent white lines and road studs will be put down at this point. Four repairs were also made to the A350 bridge parapets where road traffic accidents have taken place.

Overnight both lane closures were reduced by 450 metres to help traffic flow through the area. Even at peak times this morning there was no queuing traffic. The remaining lane closures are required to provide protection to scaffold towers so that repairs can be made to the two A350 bridges.

All work will be completed on the A35 Upton bypass by Saturday 22 April. At this point all traffic management will be removed.

For further details of our remaining works, please visit the project webpage.

We thank drivers of the A35 for their patience and look forward to finishing phase 2 for them in 2018.

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