New committee structure proposed at Christchurch Borough Council

The Civic Offices, Christchurch Borough Council
The Civic Offices, Christchurch Borough Council

Councillors are being asked to approve a new committee structure at their Annual Council meeting on Tuesday 16 May.

The new structure will see the Policy and Resources Committee disbanded and replaced with a Community Committee and a Resources Committee. The proposed Community Committee will deal with issues relating to the local area such as open spaces, the environment and street cleansing whilst the Resources Committee will deal with financial and policy issues such as council tax, corporate plan and policy and budget control.

The Portfolio Holder roles will also be removed with the responsibility for work carried out by Portfolio Holders being passed to committee chairs and other councilors 

Cllr David Flagg, Leader of the Council, Christchurch Borough Council, said:  “Whilst we have had Portfolio Holder positions at the council since 2001 the role has changed over the years. Whilst Portfolio Holders have no decision-making power, some members felt that the council could be heading towards adopting a Leader and Cabinet system whereby the Leader and Executive Councillors would have decision-making powers. This is not something I think is right for our council.

“The proposal members are being asked to approve will ensure the committee structure is retained. This will see councillors debate and vote issues at public meetings, including Full Council, based on reports produced by council officers. The work undertaken by Portfolio Holders will be shared amongst other councillors including the committee chairs.”

Should the proposed structure be approved, committee chairs and vice-chairs will be decided at the first meeting of each committee.

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