Dorset couple win great prize for recycling cartons

A couple of keen recyclers recently won a year’s kerbside collection of their garden waste, just for recycling drinks cartons.


Kathy and Martyn Curtler of Wimborne regularly take their used cartons to a local bring bank for recycling, so when they heard the Dorset Waste Partnership (DWP) had launched a competition to win a year’s garden waste collections just for recycling used cartons, they decided to take part.

The pair wrote their name and e-mail address on a carton and popped it into the carton recycling bank nearby. Once collected, the winning carton was then selected at random by a DWP officer who contacted the couple to congratulate them.

As Kathy and Martyn already subscribe to the DWP’s garden waste service, they have chosen to wait until April next year to begin enjoying their prize.

The competition was launched to help promote the carton recycling banks, which are situated in around 20 different locations across the county.

Carton banks are currently at risk of removal from car-parks because they are under-used and often contain incorrect items, such as glass or regular cardboard. This means they are becoming too costly for the DWP’s contractors to continue providing.

As the cartons cannot currently be recycled at the kerbside, the DWP want to maintain the carton bank service by increasing the amount of cartons being recycled and reducing the amount of incorrect items being placed in the banks.

Gemma Clinton, Head of Service (Strategy) for the Dorset Waste Partnership, said:

Congratulations to Kathy and Martyn, and a big thank you for using our carton recycling service.

“There are still two more garden waste service prizes up for grabs. So if you have a carton to dispose of, don’t throw it in the rubbish bin. Flatten it down, write your name and e-mail address/phone number directly onto the carton, take it to one of our carton banks and pop it in.

“Residents can also take part by taking a photo of themselves placing a carton in one of the DWP’s carton recycling banks and sharing/posting it to the DWP’s Facebook page or Recycle for Dorset Twitter account. Good luck!”

Closing date for entries is Friday 30 June. Two more winners will be drawn in early June and July respectively. Read further details of the competition, including a list of carton banks and terms and conditions.

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