Why are we considering change?

Dorset’s nine councils currently spend £920 million a year delivering services (based on 2015/16).

This year the amount of money the Government passed on to Dorset’s councils to run services was £51.9million. That’s £142 million less received in Government funding today than in 2010/11.

Despite your councils becoming more efficient, the reality is that they have less money to spend on services. The current forecast is that, from 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2025, Dorset’s councils overall need to save an additional £82.3 million (see diagram below). Of this amount, £51.9 million will need to be found before any new councils are formed in 2019/2020, leaving £30.4 million to be found between 2019 and 2025 if proposals are approved.

Many services will have to change drastically, or even stop altogether if savings cannot be made.

By 2019/20, Dorset’s councils will have made savings over 10 years of almost £200 million. With at least another £30 million needed by 2024/25, it is now essential that change is considered in order to minimise cuts to services beyond 2019/20, and ensure councils are sustainable for the future. Whilst £30 million may seem a relatively small proportion of overall budgets, it is this on top of the £200 million already saved that makes considering change a priority now.