Mar 1 CAMP 13

Slight rain during night. Fine day quite like summer. Coys do training. Expect visit from Corps Commander Gen. GOUGH, but he didn’t turn up. Col. FORSTER returns from Bgde [Brigade]. Airmen give us another good turn. Beautiful day & very quiet. Huns fetch down a Sausage [barrage balloon] about  5.0 pm. Div band play in afternoon.


Damp misty morning. We get orders for relief. Tres Bien. Very heavy bombardment all day with heavies. Battery of 9.2 fired 300 rds [rounds]. I try to show O’DELL the How [Howitzer] shells in the air but he couldn’t see them. Relieved by 2nd Middlesex 8th Div. about 5.30 pm. Easy relief & all completed by 6.30 pm except A Coy at ANDOVER who were relieved by 2nd W. Yorks. We travel by bus from Crucifix Corner MAUREPAS to camp 13 on CHIPILLY – MORLANCOURT Rd. Arrive camp about 10.0 pm. Very dirty & tired. Turn in about 12.0 pm.