Mar 24 En route

Arrive Bougemaison about 11.0 am and have to get out. Smash up on line. Get a lorry to NUNEQ then get another one to St.POL where I expect to find Div HQ but they have moved. Find out that BHQ [Brigade HQ] are at OURFON so get a lorry to there arriving about 5.30 pm. Find where Bttn is and arrive about 6.15 pm. Have a good feed. See H. TAYLOR & MANTON both look well.

Mar 22 ROUEN

Fine morning. Get up about 10.0 am visit station for train, perhaps leave tomorrow. Meet M & B at 12.30 pm. Have dinner. Visit Camp in afternoon & get my movement order. See O’DELL, J. RYAN & several others. Good night. Sleep at Hotel C de F. Good sleep. Snow at night. Saw S.S.M. TAYLOR (Old Bob) Leicester Yeomanry.