7 Dec Home

Fine morning dull. I go for a stroll & meet the girls coming out of school. Toothache all morning. Visit WILLIS Dentist at 2.10 pm & have another tooth drawn, not so good, more like an amateur. Mother & Dad come to tea with us & we have very pleasant evening. Better night. No toothache. Saw Red Rocket. Some rain in night but not much. Good night.



Boat sails at 12.10am and after a nice voyage we arrive at SOTON [Southampton] at 7.30 am. I go to S.West Station & catch train at 9.30 am arriving at Weymouth 12.40 pm. See L at station & we go off to Dentist. Have 2 teeth out & impression taken for new ones. Get a shave & have a wash at Mrs. Plumbe, very good. Meet Col & Mrs G.D. ARMSTRONG , quite a surprise. Catch 4.30 pm train from Weymouth & arrive home at 5.30 pm very tired. Had a bath & good night.



We stop at MONTEROLIER- BUCKY & get tea issued free, which was very. Arrive at HAVRE about 10.0 am very tired and weary, we march to rest camp & stay there until 6.45 pm when we march to boat & embark on SS. St. PETERSBURG. Get a bath aboard & manage to get the first good meal for 2 days. In rest camp at HAVRE I meet MARSHALL DAVIS & Mr(?) BRADLEY, quite a pleasant surprise.


We go to a shed just covered with canvas & have to wait there for the train which is timed to leave at 5.25 am. It is very cold and we walk about all night. About 8.0 am we get some rum & coffee which bucks us up a bit. Train arrives at 11.30 am (6 hours late). I meet at HANGEST J PETHARD of Stratford-on- Avon. We get a good seat in train 1st Class carriage with SM LEWIS 5th Aus Div Arty, SM LOUCH RGA, SM NOBLE 1 / 2 Monmouths & Sgnt MARSHALL 5th Aus Div TM Batt. Train ride is a very long & tedious journey, but warm.


Fine morning very cold. Cross country run at 3.0 pm. Very cold and misty. Teams of 40 per Coy. Distance of run about 2 ½ miles. Pte HIGHAM B Coy wins easily. B Coy Winners, A Coy 2nd. Start on leave at 5.30 pm & get a lift in Motor to St. MAXENT & wait there until 8.30 pm when we leave by Lorry for HANGES arriving there at 11.30 pm after a very tedious journey during which the driver loses his way twice.