23 Jan Trenches

Fine morning, much clearer than it has been for some days. Aircraft very active, fine fight, German brought down in flames on our side only 4 shots fired at it, another forced down in their lines. We get relieved at night by 4th Suff [Suffolks]. HdQtrs leave about 8.0 pm, just get clear when Fritz starts his games, no casualties, march to Camp 18 where we arrive very tired about 1.30 am. Turn in about 2.0 am. Very cold & sharp frost.

21 Jan Trenches

Fine morning still frosty, washing feet & dusting with powder ready for tonight. We move HdQrtrs at 4.0 pm to P.C.TERRON & relieve H.B. relief complete about 8.30 pm, but we have no water & communication is bad. Send to D in Dump for water, get back about 2.0 am. Turn in about 2.30 am. Nice dug out & not cold. Fritz put one very near but no damage. 3 Sea [Seaforth Highlanders] killed on relief.

17 Jan CAMP 18

Fine morning but dull, lot of snow during the night & more snow later. French & British tummies have a snow fight. We move to the trenches at 3.30 pm. Very long march & one we shall not forget. French guide meets us at CURLU. We get to beginning of BOYEAU VARY about 7.20 pm & arrive at H Qrs P.C. MADAME about 11.30 pm. Very cold & quite done up, some shelling but no damage. I feel rather ill but manage alright , turn in about 4.0 pm(?) good dug out but very cold.

14 Jan CAMP 111

Bad morning, snow & rain, H Com. Service at 9.30 am, Church Service 10.0 am. Corps Commdr visits camp at about 11.30 am after presenting medals. 2.30 pm I.Fus play Somersets semi-final Lambton Cup good game. Faughs [Irish] win 2-1. Cpl CRUNDWELL comes to have a chat with me for a hour. Fine night.